Day 27- Villalacazar de Sirga to Terradillos de los Templarios

Walked today: 8.9 mi /Camino2022: 176 mi

After walking in the dark for nearly a half-hour, the scenery around us was still the same as yesterday.

“campos“ all around us

We reached Carrion de los Condes after 3.5 miles and stopped for breakfast at La Corte, a very nice restaurant/albergue.

Entering Carrion de los Condes (upper left), Santa Clara Monastery, La Corte, our place for breakfast… across the street from Iglesia de Santa María and desayuno ( breakfast) at La Corte.

We’ve had two dinners and now, two breakfasts here. As soon as we finished eating, we asked the waiter to please call us a taxi, which arrived at 8:30.

The driver took us to Calzadilla de la Cueza, which is located at the end of the walk from Carrion, which offers 11 miles with no shade and no services… one of the longest stretches without a town on the Camino Frances.

just after leaving Calzadilla de la Cueza

The next 3 plus miles were quite pleasant. Even though we walked along a two lane, lightly traveled road the entire way, the natural shrubs and trees mostly blocked our view of the road and provided ample shade to mitigate the ever increasing heat from the sun.

Just after leaving the dirt path before entering Ledigos, we encountered some nice pilgrim art, created from nearby stones.

Ledigos is a very small village with brick and adobe buildings. Nevertheless, it has two nice albergues. It was nearly 11:00 so we stopped at the newest one and had “smoothies”!

Smoothies, to give us an extra boost for the final stretch.

The walk out of Ledigos was beautiful. A huge birch tree also captured our attention on the way out.

… walking out of Ledigos
on our way to Terradillos de los Templarios

Albergue Los Templarios was not open until noon, so we made ourselves at home on the front porch (in the shade) and discovered the wifi was strong and the password was the same as 2019 (both our phones remembered).

At 11:50, the owner opened the front door, welcomed us inside and we were soon in our room.

our room ( 42€ )

We took advantage of the laundry service to wash our clothes (4€) and we hung them out to dry ourselves.

Front of the albergue and rear where we hung clothes to dry (took about 2 hours)
lunch (7.50€)

We had ensalada mixta’s for lunch. The afternoon was spent enjoying the property. We had nice chats with two guys, both retired, from Stuttgart, Germany and a British couple currently working in Madrid. They were both nurses, walking their first Camino. We talked about our recent Camino experiences and their experiences working in medical facilities during the pandemic.

We had a dinner in the albergue dining room and retired to our room at 8:30.

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