Day 39- Trabadelo to Fonfria

Walked Today: 7.7 mi / Camino2022: 261 mi

We decided to invoke Camino 2022 guidelines this morning by pacing ourselves, taking a taxi up the mountain to O’ Cebreiro and began our walk from there at 8:20.

O’ Cebreiro was cold, with thick fog and 15 mph winds.
leaving O’Cebreiro into the fog
the path was a nice walking surface but like a roller coaster for 2 miles

The weather forecast for this morning was 0% chance of rain. So we didn’t bring our heavy duty rain gear. The dirt/gravel path ended at Liñares and we stopped for a cup of hot chocolate and a break.

nice, warm, thick, hot chocolate

As we walked out of Liñares, it began to rain… the wind increased and it got colder. We scrambled for hats, gloves, buffs, put phones, wallets, credentials in plastic bags, etc and kept walking.

The rain continued to a greater or lesser extent for the remaining 5 miles.

Steep climbs, rain, wind, cold… otherwise a great day!?
The rain paused for a few minutes as we walked past Hospital, but the wind kept blowing… no sign of the sun.
The rain paused again, mercifully, just a few minutes before our climb to a stop for 🍊 juice.
We think this is the steepest climb on the entire Camino Frances…. short duration but very, very steep.
Last photo Jim took before the rain began to pour again.
Casa Lucas… one of our favorites.
warm fire never felt so good!
A delicious salad for lunch, our table by the fireplace, prepared by our hostess.
Our room at Casa Lucas ( 2017, 2019 and 2022.)

Our internet service was on and off tonight, so we’ll wrap this up and send when we get a better signal tomorrow.