Day 28- Terradillos de los Templanarios to Sahagún

Walked Today: 8.3 mi / Camino2022: 184 mi

It was a warm, humid 62F when we left Los Templarios at 6:35 this morning. Our first rest/breakfast stop was a little more than 2 miles down the path, in Moratinos.

our first breakfast stop
an above-ground “wine cellar” in the field across from the bar.

Shortly after, while walking to the next hamlet, we looked over our shoulder and saw a nice sunrise.

familiar looking scenery, still on the meseta.

Another two miles later, we made our second rest/breakfast stop. Before arriving in San Nicolas del Real Camino, we passed a sign regarding one of the two bars/ albergues in the hamlet.

Advertising on the Camino

We stopped at the first bar, a favorite, from prior Caminos. We have stayed in the albergue (2014) of bar number 2 and eaten there also Both bars have good food, based on our experience.

this is the first bar, not referred to in the sign attribution to Socrates.

Just outside of San Nicolas…., the Camino pulled alongside of N-120, going into Sahagún. We then walked the next 4 miles, arriving at our hotel at 10:40 and check-in.

Camino becoming a path along N-120
decent walking surface, gradual incline
Approaching Sahagún (in the background, 2 miles away)
milepost marking leaving province of Palencia and entering Castile and Leon.
final mile stretch on shoulder of N-120

Our room was still being cleaned, so we waited on the hotel terrace until 12:00, when we accessed our room and began unloading and organizing our stuff for the afternoon and evening.

Our room meets our basic needs: twin beds, ensuite bathroom, clean, on or close to the Camino.

We decided to walk 7 minutes to a supermarket to gather some snacks for the next several days. By then, it was 1:30, so we took a seat in the hotel dining room for our main meal of the day.

The owner/ waiter brought us a menu in the form of scribblings on a small piece of paper, and proceeded to go down the list quickly in Spanish (did we mention that people around here are all fluent in Spanish, for some reason, and mostly assume everyone else is too?) making it clear by demonstrating on our first question, that all responses were going to be in even faster Spanish. Jim, whose stomach growl could be heard by Linda, chose something with included the word pasta for his 1st course, and after asking about the last item on the list and understanding nothing.,. said he’d take that one. Linda followed a similar approach picking an item with tomato in the description and the word pollo (chicken).

1-Jim has no clue after ordering, 2-success on first course: delicious multi-veggie pasta with brown sauce for Jim, sliced tomatoes with basil & olive oil on fresh cheese for Linda 3-second course:fried chicken & “Lincoln log”? fries for L., baked wing and breast of something that flies. and fries for J.

So, what was the verdict on Jim’s mystery selection for course 2?

cleaned to the bone, literally… yum!

What do you think?

The rest of the day was spent napping, blogging, etc. Long walk, feeling strong, having fun on the Camino Frances.

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