Day 26- Población de Campos to Villalcázar de Sirga

Walked Today: 6.2 mi / Camino2022: 167 mi

moon set ?

We began the day with a “moon set”… and a sunrise a half-hour later… not photo worthy.😉.

Most of the villages we’ve encountered yesterday and today end with Compos, “fields” in Spanish. After walking along a two lane paved road with light vehicle traffic but relatively heavy pilgrim traffic for couple of miles we passed quickly through Revenga en Campos, then back along the road. (Note: cyclist pilgrim pulling good size cart behind)

Aporoaching Revenga

Next, we approached Villarmentero de Campos. It being about breakfast time, we saw an intriguing sign and decided to make a stop.

approaching Villarmentero de Campos
Our breakfast stop in Albergue Amenecer
Our standard breakfast in an anything but standard albergue.

We returned to the road and “campos” and walked another 3 miles to Villalcazar de Sirga.

approaching Villalacazar de Sirga

We waited comfortably in the La Cantigas Bar terrace until our room was ready.

Our hotel for the night, Las Cantigas
nice room

After attending to some chores, we had a three course lunch in the Las Cantigas Bar, then walked to a nearby “supermarket”, about the size of our living room back home, to get some snacks for next several days and returned to our room.

First Course (Primero Plato): lasagna for Linda, Spaghetti Carbonara for Jim

Later, we ventured out to the huge church dwarfing our hostal and did the self-guided tour and got a stamp for our credential for the day.

directly across from Las Cantigas, Santa María La Blanca
…inside Iglesia Santía Maria la Blanca, built by the Knights Templar as a temple-fortress in the 12th century as protection for pilgrims bound for the Holy Land.

Back in our room, we were more than adequately sated from our lunch, so we decided again to skip dinner and finish out the day blogging and reading.

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