Day 41- Triacastela to Pintin

Walked Today: 7.0 mi / Camino2022: 274 mi

The temperature was 43F in Triacastela at 8:45 a.m. We’re thinking we’re not likely to see warm weather again on the Camino, but walking in the hot sun is no longer a problem.

looking out our window before starting our walk
We thought this was a pretty area shortly after rejoining the Camino outside Triacastela.
Looking at the same area from the opposite direction
a lot of construction going on as we walked out of A Balsa… could be new albergues? or other services, remaking the esisting hamlet.
a steep section
same steep section, looking back
Linda (and Jim) taking a break at the shell fountain
we’re walking late enough for the clouds to uncover the pretty scenery
steep, but downhill during this section
This sequence is trying to show a very steep section. Linda leaning to maintain footing and control
lots of interesting stone walls lining the path
almost level… a rare event this morning

About midway today we walked by 4 pilgrims, the girl was sitting on the ground tending to her foot. They seemed to be ok, so we walked on past.

Sometime later, we stopped for a break on one of the hills and the young lady and a guy from her group caught up to us. Jim asked if she had a blister and she said she was struggling with plantar fasciitis. Jim mentioned his experience with it and how “chi walking” had eliminated it. We chatted briefly and we walked ahead. Another mile down the path, they all four caught up with us and the young lady who was from California was walking with her family. She said she immediately began using the chi walking technique and the pain from her plantar fasciitis was already beginning to get better.

Jim walked with the young lady and Linda walked with her brother and we shared Camino experiences as we walked the last half mile into Pintin.

The family from California we met today.
Had interesting conversations with these two pilgrims from California

We arrived in Pintin at Pención Casa Cines and bid our goodbyes to the family as they continued walking toward Sarria, where they plan to rendezvous with the mother, who will walk with them the final 100km to Santiago.

The length of today’s walk was not a challenge, but the hills were. The altitude of Triacastela and Pintin are essentially the same at 2100 ft. But today we climbed over 1000 ft. That means we went up a total of 1000 ft and to arrive at the same elevation we had to climb down 1000 ft. That was the nature of today’s walk and we were tired when we finished but recovered with lunch and some downtime this afternoon.

We met Jerry from Anchorage, Alaska and Wayne and Tina from British Columbia. They checked into Casa Cines later in the day and we sat next to them at dinner, since there are no other places to eat or stay in Pintin. We enjoyed the conversations with Wayne snd Tina and maybe will see them again in the morning at breakfast or on the way to Santiago.

Day 40- Fonfria to Triacastela

Walked Today: 6.2 mi / Camino2022: 267 mi

The rain had stopped when we left Fonfria at 8:00. We were bundled up and carrying rain gear as a deterrent, in spite of the forecast for 0% precipitation, again.

Cold and windy and fog, but thankfully, no rain.

Fonfria is in the mountains, at an elevation of 4200 ft. Our walk today was almost 95% downhill to Triacastela at 2200 ft. most of the descent occurring in the middle 3 miles.

The views from the top and on the descent are usually awesome but unfortunately all we could see this morning was fog.

Nothing but fog, at 3900 ft.
Still, nothing but fog at 3300 ft.
Finally, the sun breaking through at 3200ft
Now, something to look at…

Pretty Galícian landscapes abound in every direction.

another landscape
Aira do Camino bar/restaurant in the tiny mountain village of Filloval, a break and orange juice stop at the halfway point.

The path became less steep as we passed through several hamlets leading into Triacastela.

cattle being shifted between fields
800 year old chestnut tree… a group of tree hugging pilgrims trying to reach around its over 25 ft circumference.

modern farm equipment housed in not-so-modern structure, but obviously still very functional.

final section of path prior to entering Triacastela.

It was almost noon when we got to our destination, do we decided to stop at a favorite restaurant for lunch.

Our lunch: Roasted vegetables for Linda, ensalada mixta for Jim and our first opportunity on Camino2022 for Padron peppers!!!

After lunch we checked into Hostal Vilasante and spent the rest of the afternoon doing chores, reading, blogging and eating a light supper before turning in early.