Day 25- Boadillo del Camino to Población de Campos

Walked Today: 6.1 mi / Camino2022: 161 mi

We were on our way at 6:40, before first light. Linda captured this shot as we began walking along the Canal de Castile.

The Canal de Castile was intended to transport grain from Castile to the northern port of Santander on the bay of Biscay and to other markets from there; vice versa the canal was also intended to facilitate moving products from the Spanish colonies to Castile. Construction was started in 1753 and continued until 1849 with only 207 of the planned 400 km completed when work was halted as railroads began to be built to serve northern Spain. The canal ultimately evolved into a major part of an irrigation system still in use today.

Reflection of the silhouetted trees reveals the Canal de Castile location
The Canal de Castile just before the locks located on the outskirts of Formista. The valves are located along the canal to release water into a system of aqueducts that irrigate the crops located below and off to the left of the Camino.
This ferry boat provides rides up and down the canal on special occasions and holidays, according to Mario. We passed another boarding dock about 2 miles earlier, soon after starting to walk along the canal in the dark.
the canal locks at Formista which were decommissioned in the 20th century.

We stopped for breakfast in Formista, then continued on to Población de Campos, to complete today’s planned walk.

After several days without, cafe con leche y dos tostadas for breakfast in Formista
Attractive Camino path exiting Formista.
the Camino crossing over an autopista, then back down to walk along a secondary national 2-lane highway
… many pilgrims walking along the highway between Formista and Población de Campos.
Some really strange artwork outside an albergue, just before Población de Campos. We would have taken a close-up shot, but Jim was afraid to get any closer!

We arrived at a very early 9:45, but the front door was open and when we identified ourselves, Carmen told us that our room was not ready, but we were welcome to come in and use the rest room and sit in the jardin behind the building until our room was ready. A few minutes after we were settled she brought us each a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice and recognized us from our previous visits! We love this place, having stayed here in 2014 and 2017 and have been excited about returning since booking it several days ago for Camino 2022.

Casa Rural Amanecer en Campos…. amanecer means “dawn” or “daybreak”.
The “jardin” behind the building
our room

We got into our room about 10:15, did our chores, had a delicious lunch in the casa dining room ….

Our delicious lunch: Ensalada Rusa (potato salad) and la Carrillera de ternera ( veal cheeks), fresh bread, vino tinto (red wine) and for postra (dessert) flan (Jim) and melón (Linda)

…..hung out in our room or the jardin: napping blogging and reading until lights out at 9:00 p.m.

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