Day 42- Pintin to Barbadelo

Walked Today: 6.6 mi / Camino2022: 281 mi

It was foggy and 42F when we left Casa Cines this morning at 8:00.
The walk was relatively easy as we were mainly on or along a lightly traveled secondary road.
We passed through one small village on the way to Sarria.
Sarria is a busy location because it has plenty of facilities for pilgrims to stay and is just beyond the 100km distance a pilgrim has to walk to Santiago to earn a Compostela. Most of the pilgrims who receive a Compostela only walk from Sarria to Santiago.
Sarria is not one of our favorite locations on the Camino, but this morning, after some research, we discovered a hiking outfitters shop (Kilometro112, Rua do Peregrino, #37) right along our walk and stopped to get Jim some warmer clothes… namely some long pants and a fleece pullover at very reasonable prices.

After a 20 minute shopping spree, we were back on the trail with a slight deviation. In 2019, we found a route that was a bit longer but allowed is to walk around the base of Sarria. This route merges with the official Camino, which takes a torturous route straight up to the pinnacle of the city, then back down again. Not that we can’t weather a few ups and downs, but no point in asking for trouble.

Taking a “flat-cut” around Sarria

We arrived at the merge point which is the Ponte de Áspera, a Romanesque bridge of medieval origins with some 18th century renovation. This bridge has particular significance, because our daughter, Amy, used one of our photos of this bridge to rekindle her artistic talents. Her painting hangs in our home and stokes our Camino memories constantly. We think we’ll refer to it from now on as “Amy’s Bridge”.

Getting ready to cross the Ponte de Áspera (“Amy’s Bridge”)
Just a few steps out of Sarria and we’re back into farmland.
… a nice stream and footbridge but followed by a not-so-nice climb.
“gnarly” old trees are thing of beauty and amazement.
finally at the top of a steep climb
near Barbadelo we encountered a caravan of huge, “almost” unpassable vehicles, which forced us to move off the path and wait our turn.
getting out of the way
up close and personal
back to our walk after the “ traffic jam”
Albergue de Barbadelo.

Once we arrived at Barbadelo, we called a taxi to take us back to Casa Cines. We wanted to stay here for the night but it was booked solid when we tried to reserve a room several weeks ago.

We’re employing our “ taxi hop scotch” technique to deal with lodging shortages. We’re staying at Casa Cines for 3 nights. We’ve stayed here on all previous Caminos and want to get to know the family better and give them our business. So staying here longer enriches our Camino experiences and hopefully theirs.

The taxi driver who brought us back from Barbadelo today agreed to return here tomorrow morning at 8:30 to take us back to Barbadelo, where we will begin walking where we left off. When we finish our walk, we’ll call a taxi to return us to Casa Cines.

We got back to Casa Cines at noon, got showers, had lunch and arranged to have our clothes washed and dried. We both napped for a while before doing some routine items.

Linda had a cold (a mild one) a few days ago and has completely recovered. Jim mysteriously got a cold a couple of days ago, also a mild one, and is about to get over his, too. We only mention it because neither one of us have had a cold for over 3 years. What’s interesting is, in spite of dealing with cold symptoms , we’re still able to walk our normal distances, and carry on with our pilgrim existence without restriction.

Núria, our hostess, prepared a delicious lental soup for our lunch today. Jim was still hungry and Núria suggested he try a plate of homemade chorizo sausage, cooked potatoes and green beans. When Jim had lapped it up, he complimented Núria on the soup. When he asked about the chorizo sausage, she pointed to her father who was seated at the opposite end of the dining room. He was looking Jim’s way and when Jim gave him a smile and thumbs up, he reciprocated. Núria said he not only made the sausage but also raised the pig! We made a great decision to stay here for 3 days.

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