Day 40- Fonfria to Triacastela

Walked Today: 6.2 mi / Camino2022: 267 mi

The rain had stopped when we left Fonfria at 8:00. We were bundled up and carrying rain gear as a deterrent, in spite of the forecast for 0% precipitation, again.

Cold and windy and fog, but thankfully, no rain.

Fonfria is in the mountains, at an elevation of 4200 ft. Our walk today was almost 95% downhill to Triacastela at 2200 ft. most of the descent occurring in the middle 3 miles.

The views from the top and on the descent are usually awesome but unfortunately all we could see this morning was fog.

Nothing but fog, at 3900 ft.
Still, nothing but fog at 3300 ft.
Finally, the sun breaking through at 3200ft
Now, something to look at…

Pretty Galícian landscapes abound in every direction.

another landscape
Aira do Camino bar/restaurant in the tiny mountain village of Filloval, a break and orange juice stop at the halfway point.

The path became less steep as we passed through several hamlets leading into Triacastela.

cattle being shifted between fields
800 year old chestnut tree… a group of tree hugging pilgrims trying to reach around its over 25 ft circumference.

modern farm equipment housed in not-so-modern structure, but obviously still very functional.

final section of path prior to entering Triacastela.

It was almost noon when we got to our destination, do we decided to stop at a favorite restaurant for lunch.

Our lunch: Roasted vegetables for Linda, ensalada mixta for Jim and our first opportunity on Camino2022 for Padron peppers!!!

After lunch we checked into Hostal Vilasante and spent the rest of the afternoon doing chores, reading, blogging and eating a light supper before turning in early.

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