Day 29 – Terradillos to Sahagún

Walked today: 8.7 miles

Walked Camino 2019: 211.8 miles

It rained late yesterday afternoon and again during the night. A threatening sky greeted us this morning as we left the albergue making it appear darker than a typical 7:15.

After two miles we stopped at Moritinos (pop. 68) for a breakfast break. Just before arriving we passed a dirt mound with several entry points, apparently used as wine cellars.

We saw our first vineyard scarecrows this morning

and shortly after saw an engaging advertisement:

Walking on to the next village of San Nicolas del Real Camino (pop. 48), we stopped again for a second CCL.

We decided to stop at the first bar to get a look at the competition for the second. The first was actually pretty “cool” itself. We have actually stayed in San Nicolas, in 2014, and had drinks and food at bar #2 and we like #1 better.

Bar #1

It began to rain, finally, as we left Bar #1 and it was really pouring as we walked past Bar#2.

The rain continued for less than a half hour and was only a slight nuisance as we well prepared for it.

Jim in Camino rain gear

We were happy to see the buildings of Sahagún (pop. 2,820) after logging our seventh mile of the morning and beginning to feel a little tired with our second 8+ mile walk in two days.

When we walked up to our place for the night, Albergue Santa Cruz (20€), there were no signs of life and the sign on the door said open at 12:00.

Entrance to the albergue

It being only 11:15, we walked a few steps to an open bar and got drinks and shared a piece of cake (tarta)

While waiting, Jim took a few photos of nearby landmarks.

Arco de San Bonito, 1662

Marker indicating Sahagún as the halfway point of the Camino Frances ( in Spain)

At noon we walked back to the albergue and checked in.

The Albergue Santa Cruz is a Benedictine monestary that was opened for pilgrim use in 1968. The Marists began operating it in 2017.

outside view of Santa Cruz
Rooms located off cloister of Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz courtyard

Our double room with a private full bathroom is clean, basic and an inexpensive, safe place to stay on the Camino Frances. The usual hostal amenities, like soap, shampoo, towels, pillow cases and room key were not included and a single sheet, blanket, pillow and mattress were provided. We managed as we normally carry “backup” amenities, just in case.

our room

In addition to most albergues, it also offers an evening communion service and individual spiritual care for pilgrims who wish it.

We opted for the late lunch/early dinner again, as the communal dinner in the albergue is at 8:00.

We are a little beyond the halfway point on the Camino Frances, because we started from SJPDP, not Roncesvalles. However, due to our “modified” Camino, thus far, we have skipped 30-40 miles, which explains why our total miles walked is less than half of 500 miles.

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