Day 25 – Castrojeriz to Itero de la Vega

Walked today: 6.5 miles

Walked Camino 2019: 177.2 miles

The first 2 miles of our walk was challenging, beautiful and Romantic.

These two wondered what we were doing up so early

Soon after leaving the town we picked up the dirt path and walked through what had been a swamp, when the Romans were beginning to transport gold through this area that they had mined in Galicia. They could have drained the swamp, but that would have taken years (at least 8) 😉.

So instead, they built a causeway across the swamp.

Linda walking across a 2000 year old causeway
Classic Roman design to divert water from bridge structure

Incredibly, we walked across that 2000 year old causeway this morning, before heading up top again.

The climb back up to the Meseta was very difficult, a sign said it was a 12% grade. Linda and her Fitbit rated it 45 floors.

When we stopped to catch our breath, we looked back toward Castrojeriz into the extraordinary views in spite of the rising sun dominating a cloudless sky.

Photo effort number 1
Photo effort number 2

We took several photos trying to capture what we were experiencing, with limited results, but you get the picture.😜

Linda reaching the top
One last look back

We took a break at the top and took reciprocal photos of a German couple who had become engaged just 10 minutes ago after climbing the mountain.

They even were wearing and showing off their shiny, matching rings.

So, Roman or Romantic, we had it all during our first 2 miles.

After a brief rest and a banana snack, we moved on into the familiar flat grain fields,

back on to the plain, we thought…

but a mere 0.3 mile later,

straight down, no switchbacks like on the way up

we gulped at the 18% grade descent that would take us down into another valley as far as we could see.

The Meseta is boring? We don’t think so!

We walked for three miles through the fields before crossing the Puente Fitero. It was commissioned to be built in the 11th century by Alfonso VI and restored in the 17th century to its original Roman design, and is one of the longest bridges on the Camino.

The last half mile was a nice shady stroll beside a slow moving river, then through a small corn field and right to Puente de Fitero (40€) our place for the rest of the day and night in Itero de la Vega (pop. 177).

We felt right at home, having stayed here in 2014, ’17 & ’19. We had our clothes machine washed and Jim did clothes line duty.

Our room overlooks the alberge terrace so we can see other pilgrims passing by, some staying for just a break, others staying overnight.

Our room is roomy and comfortable but not modern. We normally don’t use the TV but this one probably only had black and white!

We had a simple, but tasty lunch/dinner at 3:30 and just coasted until bedtime.

Linda liked her pork loin as did Jim his choriso w/eggs & fries

This was an excellent, no-name, local wine for 5€!

We’ll never see this one in Total Wine back in the U.S., so this will be a once in a lifetime experience for sure on the Camino Frances.

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