Day 45- Gonzar to Lestedo

Walked Today: 8.5 mi / Camino2022: 303 mi

We were so surprised when we looked outside this morning and saw clear sky with no fog and no rain. It was a little chilly at 47F but we weren’t complaining.

Beginning our walk from Gonzar in clear weather.

The Camino went through a couple of small villages and passed a large Castro that Jim explored and photographed in 2019, so we walked on, back along the highway for a mile or so,

close but safe

then crossed over to a secondary road for another mile to what we call the “zig-zag” where we maneuvered through a small traffic circle associated with an exit off the highway, angling back onto another small road that took us to Ventas de Narón, where we stopped for breakfast.

An aerial photo of Ventas de Narón. The first building along the road in lower left hand corner was our breakfast stop.

As you can see from the photo, which was on the wall in the bar of Casa Molar, the village consists of two farms, two albergues, a small chapel originally owned by the Knights Templar and what appears to be a nice private residence at village center.

We have stopped here for breakfast every Camino and Linda liked their toast, so we decided to continue the tradition today.

As you can see, Linda has removed her jacket, as the warm sun was knocking off the chill.
Casa Molar bar and Ana, the young lady in charge.

We walked on for another couple of miles and passed through the charming village of Ligonde. We kept snapping photos of things we saw… here are a few:

huge old Horreo, nice clean streets
another newer horreo
cute, small home
pumpkins lining the railing, lady in the window smiled and waved after I took this photo
small shop/albergue, we think…. the plaque is a favorite … Jim looks for it every Camino
Amanda, we’re so relieved no one was hurt as Ian passed through. After y’all recover from the wind and water damage, we think you need a couple of these to add to your collection!

We continued on, walked a few steps with a lady from California who had left her poles in Ligonde, walked back to retrieve them and was going to rejoin her daughter who was waiting for her at a bar up the road.

We walked along roads like this the rest of the morning.
Chestnuts, anyone?
This fellow gave us a hard look as we passed by.
unusual and beautiful
these folks were checking us out too
rain threatened so we put on our ponchos, as a deterrent… which worked

We stopped walking in Lestedo for the day after 8 plus miles. Jim flagged down a taxi and we headed to Melide. More about that tomorrow.

our late lunch just across the street from Pención Orois …. in Melide
Pención Orois in Melide

One thought on “Day 45- Gonzar to Lestedo”

  1. I am enjoying your walk.. Those are chestnuts. I have a chestnut tree. The nuts are just falling here now. The deer, squirrels and bears love them. DAVE


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