Day 32- Leon to Astorga

Walked Today: 10.7 mi / Camino2022: 215 mi

At 7:25 we walked to the bus station, stopping for breakfast along the way.

Leaving Leon center-city on our way to the bus station.

We left the station at 9:15 and were let off at Hospital de Orbigo at 9:45, and began walking.

The Camino today was on frontage pavement road and dirt paths for most of the way, taking us out of the meseta. Thus, the terrain began to change, now including more wooded areas, more rolling hills and more mountains in the distance.

narrow path along N-120, noisy but it felt safe
pavement along N-120, safely away from traffic
The only place to stop for the first 5 miles was this gas station. We used their facilities and drank a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice, while resting for a few minutes .

After walking 7 miles we were back on a dirt path which took us away from the highway and headed into San Justa de Vega.

A monument to San Justa de Vega on the hill outside of the village of the same name. Astorga can be seen in the distance, another 3 miles away.
Linda and a thirsty and very still pilgrim at the entrance of the village
the sidewalk into St Justa de Vega was lined with lavender.
Main street, maybe the only street through St Justa. We’ve stayed here on two previous Caminos, instead of Astorga.
back on a wide path between San Justa and Astorga
the zig-zag bridge over the railroad tracks into Astorga.
our hotel, Astur Plaza, and room balcony, overlooking the plaza.
Astur Plaza

After our 10.7 mile walk, we were pooped. But since it was late, 2:30, we checked in, took our stuff to our room and headed back out to have lunch… and to relax/recover with a tasty meal and glass(es) of wine!

A very tasty , late lunch at a recommended restaurant…. 1st course: Lentel soup and green beans 2nd course: veal and pork

We retreated to our room and recovered for the remaining afternoon.

view of the plaza from our room balcony
Astorga Town Hall (1683), from our room balcony

Even though we has a long walk today without a significant break/rest along the way, we are pretty much recovered as the day comes to an end and we are physically and mentally ready to hit it again in the morning.

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