Day 31- Mansilla de las Mulas to Leon

Walked Today: 4.1 mi / Camino2022: 204 mi.

The rain had stopped when we left our room and walked through one of the Manzilla de Las Mulas gates this morning, then rejoined the Camino.

Massive gates and huge surviving walls surround the fortified town.
back on the Camino
colorful corn fields replaced our usual wheat fields today

The path ran parallel to a busy road and shortly became the shoulder of the busy road. Our plan today was to walk to the next village, Puente de Villarente, then get a taxi or bus into Leon. The path into Leon is not very interesting with multiple road crossings, industrial and highways, none adding much to the experience, so it seemed like a good section to skip.

too close for comfort

A half mile short of our destination, we spotted a bus stop, occupied by two pilgrims. Jim walked over to them an inquired about the bus schedule. They replied, “the bus to Leon arrives in 10 minutes.

“opportunistic pilgrim collaboration”

So, opportunistic pilgrims that we are, we joined our fellow opportunists and boarded the bus …

bus riding is an unfamiliar exercise for us, but much appreciated at times

…and enjoyed our 15 minute ride into Leon (1.45€ each).

masked bandits…. or just pilgrims doing what required

Walking into Leon (and out) has never been much fun but walking in and around the center of Leon is a pure delight. We really love this place.

An interesting display just after walking into city center
pedestrian friendly sidewalks and walk streets throughout…
…. colorful, well maintained, architecturally diverse buildings and shops of all kinds
a park near our hotel, El Boccolino

We walked the 3/4 mile from the bus station to our hotel, grabbing breakfast along the the way. Our room was ready and we checked in immediately.

our room
the view from one of our room windows

First item on the agenda was to go to Valor, a restaurant specializing in churros, Linda’s favorite. We also added some tasty sandwiches and called it lunch.

Valor churros are to die for

We chatted with two charming ladies from Holland who were with a group touring northern Spain. One of the ladies had walked the Camino 25 years ago.

Jim likes ‘em too

We stretched out lunch with people-watching from our lunch table, then walked around re-famiarizing ourselves with landmarks and getting re-oriented after a 3 year absence.

our lunch view
The Leon Cathedral… a few steps from our lunch spot, 5 minute walk from our hotel.

The rest of the afternoon and evening included making reservations for the next few weeks, settling into our “habitación” for our two day stay in a most favorite Camino location.

We’re taking a break tomorrow, so no advancing on Camino2022, but we’ll give a brief report on whatever mischief we got into on one of our rare “days off” when walking the Camino.

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