Day 21- Burgos to Hornillos del Camino

Walked Today: 6.5 mi /Camino2022: 136 mi

Photos cannot begin to show the beauty and magnificence of this creation

We left Meson del Cid at 7:00 via taxi to Tardajos, skipping the walk through the suburbs and along the expressway. It was a chilly 49F. Every morning for the past week has been high 40’s to low 50’s, excellent for walking.

Our breakfast stop was at Albergue La Casa de Beli, where we stayed in 2019. After finding our way through the maze of Tardajos streets, we continued on pavement for a mile to Rabe des Las Calzadas before beginning the gradual 2 mile climb up onto the Meseta.

Rabe de Las Calzadas: (clockwise) … the village square, walk art, more wall art, chapel as we exited the village for the meseta

For 2 miles after Rabe…., we walked on a gradual incline on our way up to the meseta. The meseta in northern Spain stretches some 120 miles from Burgos to Astorga. It is very flat, with few trees for shade. The Camino between the different towns/villages on the meseta has scarce services and water. Many of the towns along the meseta are in valleys or “bowls” several hundred feet below the meseta. Thus, the walk is typically flat terrain between villages, descending down to the village then climbing back up to the meseta to move on to the next village.

Climbing to the meseta (clockwise) then looking back toward Burgos once we reached the “ table-top”

When we reached the meseta all we could see ahead of us and left and right was flat plain and blue sky.

On the meseta – left and ahead
on the meseta – right and straight ahead

We walked on the meseta for about a mile, then saw a”bowl” descending down to Hornillos del Camino then back up to the meseta.

one lone tree, a string of wind turbines and blue sky, as far as we could see.
our first view of Hornillos del Camino.
approaching “ mule killer hill”
taking on “ mule killer hill”
looking back after surviving “ mule killer hill”
entering Hornillos on main street (the only street in town)
Meeting Street Albergue, our home for the day and night.
And just so we don’t get into a rut… homemade pizza for lunch!! Yum!

We had a great dinner with over 30 pilgrims chowing down. A meeting place specialty is paella.

A brother and sister own Meeting Place Albergue and we have stayed here 3 times, looking forward to and enjoying the paella each time.
Emma is the cook. We chatted with her earlier today, before check-in. She is from Ireland and met her future husband in Belorado while walking the Camino.

At the pilgrim dinner we were seated with some delightful Canadians from Montréal and Manitoba. We laughed a lot and shared lots of Camino stories. It was a fun evening.

our new Camino friends from Canada.

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