Day 19- Belorado to Villafranca de Montes de Oca

Walked Today: 7.3 mi/Camino2022: 124 mi

Walking and dodging cyclists in the dark
Typical scenery before our breakfast stop
A favorite breakfast stop in Villambistia, pop. 65.
The Villambistia Fountain is supposed to eliminate tiredness if you immerse your head in the water. We were all set to give it a try (given our recent run with Covid), when Linda noticed the Non Potable sign… and so we opted instead to continue with our paced Camino approach. In the background is the Hermitage of San Roque, patron saint of bachelors, diseased cattle, dogs, falsely accused people, invalids, Istanbul, surgeons, tile-makers, grave-diggers, second-hand dealers, pilgrims, apothecaries as well as of dogs and epidemics.
Nothing more uplifting to a walk than fields of sunflowers along the way
Multiple shades of brown provided a colorful view as we crossed these hills and walked down into Villafranca Montes de Oca.
Walking up a very steep hill to San Anton Abad, a former pilgrim hospital of the 13th century.
our room at San Anton Abad (75€)

We had a nice pilgrim dinner in the Abad dining room with about 25-30 pilgrims attending between 7:00-9:00. A French couple sat at the table beside us and provided a test for Jim as we discussed a number of Camino and non-Camino topics. We think Jim got a C+.

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