Back in July, we booked 2 days in Roncesvalles as a precaution in case we needed extra time to get over jet lag and to adjust to the time change. This was in keeping with our paced approach to Camino 2022.

Fortunately, we have overcome the jet lag and we’ve settled well into the Spanish time zone… plus we are recovering quickly from the intense “workout” of the previous two days, tackling the Pyrenees. So, today will give us some additional time to get over the sore muscles. It also rained all last night and it continues this morning. The forecast for today is 99% rain! Tomorrow, the chance of rain is 5%!!! Nothing beats a good plan.😉

Casa de los Beneficiados

Our temporary home, the Casa de los Beneficiados (Hotel Roncesvalles), was built in 1725 for clerics ( beneficiados) who helped the Roncesvalles based canons in their ecclesiastical work. During the 500 years before that, it served as housing for pilgrims, was destroyed by fire and rebuilt and was used as temporary headquarters for a Napoleon general in 1813, who shortly and hurriedly returned to France, freeing it again for los beneficiados. The interior was completely renovated and converted to a hotel in the 1920’s by the Principe de Viana Institution, responsible for the conservation of the cultural heritage of Navarre.

Hotel lobby
Our “apartment”…. ensuite with large shower not shown

We just took it easy all day and stayed inside to avoid the downpour. We prepared an “opportunist” lunch in our apartment, consisting of croissants (saved from our breakfast) and refrigerated, leftover Carrilleras de Ternera (veal cheeks) from last night’s dinner. Yum!

The main dining area last night.

Tonight we had dinner once again in the Hotel Dining Room featuring a scrumptious ensalada for Linda and baked sea bass for Jim,

Dinner tonight
Linda’s “ ensalada”

Before calling it a day, we re-packed our backpacks for an early departure tomorrow morning.

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