Day 11- Estella to Villamayor de Monjardin

Walked Today: 6.2mi/Camino 2022: 66.2mi

Working our way out of Estella on city streets
The unique Wine Fountain at the Bodega Irache
Unusual mountain range

Shortly after the Wine Fountain we began walking with Tim from Washington, DC. We walked together until we reached Villamayor de Monjardin, and he continued on toward Los Arcos.

Photo taken by Tim with King Sancho I castle on mountain top above Villamajor de Monjardin in background.

Tim recently retired from diplomatic service and shared some extraordinary experiences he had during his career. He recently attended his daughter’s graduation from college in Barcelona then traveled to several European locations, before deciding to walk the Camino on rather short notice. We shared some of our Camino experiences and answered questions he had about the days ahead. We really enjoyed chatting with him, so much so, that the today’s walk, which has a lot of uphill sections, seem to be much easier and we were surprised how soon we reached our destination.

Jim and Tim passing the gothic fountain with a cistern, just before arriving at Villamayor de Monjardin.

We arrived at our destination at 11:00 and were given immediate access to Markiola by the owner, who also operates the small market next door. We were the only occupants for the day, giving us sole access to all the facilities.

Our “ habitacion for the night
Our accommodations were outstanding at Markiola. Two floors of living and sleeping space, a full size kitchen, a refrigerator filled with drinks, sandwich meat & cheese, coffee fixins’, bread, snacks, etc., all included.

We had lunch (turkey sandwiches, wine), dinner ( spaghetti with tomato sauce, wine and bread) and prepared a “backup” lunch (ham, egg and cheese baguette) for tomorrow all from the Markiola “ kitchen”!

Today was full of nice surprises, our stamina is building and it’s great to be back on the Camino Frances.