Day 65- Arzuá to Salceda

  • Distance Today                         6.8 mi
  • Distance Camino 2017           474.5 mi

Today started with a conversation between Jim and his toe. Toe: “Jim, we need to talk. The end of the walk yesterday was not good. You really need to go with the sandals today”. Jim: “I’d like to but the feet were hurting when I switched to boots and they were much happier”. Feet: “Hey Jim, if you would focus more on balanced weight distribution on your heels vs front part of the foot, take it easier on the downhills and maybe walk a little slower overall and wear an extra pair of socks, we can handle the load better and won’t need to send out those pain signals.” Jim: “Hey, that works for me, we’ve got a deal!”

Like yesterday the fog took until late morning to burn off.

But it wasn’t that noticeable as we spent most of the time walking in the woods… coming out periodically to cross a road or pass through a small hamlet or a small farm.

We had breakfast in Arzuá before beginning our walk out of town and then made a stop for OJ in the hamlet of A Calzada at the halfway point.

Our OJ stop in A Calzada… long line for WC.

We got to Salceda and our Albergue Tourista, Pousada de Salceda (47€) at noon and had a drink while waiting for our room to be ready.

We stayed here in 2015 and the owner was very helpful in guiding us to a nearby clinic to get some treatment for Linda’s spider bites. We were welcomed by the owner and his wife who actually remembered us!

We had all our clothes machine washed and dried, giving us the afternoon off for reading (Linda) and nap (Jim).

After great service and hospitality and a tasty lunch and dinner, we retired for the evening. (And Jim’s feet and toe are all doing well)

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