Day 66- Salceda to Arca

  • Distance Today                      5.6 mi
  • Distance Camino 2017       480.1 mi

We took a shortcut from Pousada de Salceda after having breakfast at the Albergue. This is the same shortcut that the Pousada owner shared with us in 2015 along with instructions to locate the clinic in Arca to treat Lind’s spider bites. The “shortcut” allowed us to angle back into the Camino (the hypotenuse of the triangle) rather than having to reverse the 400 meter deviation we took yesterday to get to the albergue. About halfway along the shortcut, a car approached us coming toward the Albergue and slowed to a stop. To our pleasant surprise, it was the owner of Pousada who shook Jim’s hand through the window, gave us both a warm smile and wished us both a “Buen Camino” and then we parted company once again and continued on our respective ways.

The path to Arca was relatively easy with gently, rolling hills and lighter pilgrim traffic. We walked along and crossed the highway for short distances when we weren’t walking through, into and out of thick eucalyptus forests.

There were many small hamlets along the way, but not much of interest to see other than a variety of horreos, as has been the case the past few days.

We reached Arca (pop. 5050) and Pension Platas (55€) at 11:30, an hour before it opened, so we walked a few steps to a restaurant and had an early pizza lunch.

Returning to our hotel at precisely 12:30, we checked in and both took naps until mid afternoon.

Our dinner at a nearby restaurant was nice. Jim tried Codillo, a pork butt shank and we shared a side order of roasted baby pablano peppers. Our red regional wine was served in bowls and Linda had chocolate & churros for dessert.

Thoroughly stuffed, we headed back to our room and called it a day. Only 12 miles to Santiago and we’ll split the distance and be there in two days.

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