Day 14- Viana to Logroño

Walked Today: 6.3mi/Camino2022: 86 mi

There’s not a whole lot to say about today.

The walk to Logroño was not easy or difficult, the views were nothing new and even the sunrise was nice, but not spectacular.

looking back at Viana
a paved section of Camino between Viana and Logroño
a short walk through some woods, for a change
leaving Navarre … entering La Rioja
the view as we approached Logroño
Puente de Piedra crossing the Rio Ebro into Logroño
Santiago El Real church… along the Camino in Logroño
interior of Santiago El Real

We arrived at our hotel at 9:45. Our room was ready and for the first time, we got to our destination about 30 minutes before our transported backpacks.

our Logroño hotel

Like most days, finding a place to get a full meal at a time we would prefer, can be difficult… especially if its not nearby… since we don’t normally need to add extra walking in search of one. Today, however, the lady at reception spoke good English and was able to direct us to the one restaurant in this city of 150,000 residents, that offered a dinner before 8:00p.m. She also guided us to nearby pintcho/tapas bars, a Logroño drawing card. This allowed us to have a tapas lunch and a “normal” 6:00 dinner.

one of several streets in Logroño with nothing but tapas bars.
tapas bars with so many variations, make it hard to decide what to order
Our tapas lunch: roasted veggies and chicken satay for Linda… pulpo patata and fois gras for Jim and dos vino tintos to drink

After 14 days of walking, we’ve established a rhythm that works for us…. allowing us to walk a little further, deal with the physical challenges we encounter and absorb more of what the Camino has to offer.

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