Day 10 – Lorca to Estella

Walked Today: 6.0mi/Camino 2022: 60mi

Today was fairly easy and uneventful. We had walked about 2.5 miles when we stopped for breakfast at Villatuerte at 8:00.

Soon after leaving Lorca we began walking along a few vineyards and then mostly along already harvested grain fields.
Having our usual at a favorite bread/pastry shop.
A well preserved bridge in the middle of town left by the Romans a couple of thousand years ago!!!

We arrived at Estella around 9:30 and found the Plaza de Iglesia del San Juan Bautista completely occupied with a market. We walked among the shoppers and were awed by the variety and colors of goods offered.

Dried fruit and nuts
garlic “ropes”

Jim took a chance and knocked on the door of Hotel Cristina at 10:00 and was not only admitted but presented with the keys to our room!

Hotel Cristina

After attending to our chores, we found a small American style diner, which at 12:30 was the only eatery offering food, other than pintxos, until after 7 p.m. tonight.

While we ate we observed the plaza as the market vendors began disassembling there displays and packing up their products. Our tummies filled with fried eggs, fries and chicken, we retired to our room and napped, read and blogged until about 5:30, when we ventured out again hoping to find some pintxos to serve as dinner. The plaza was completely cleared, with no evidence of the morning market. “Church of Saint John the Baptist” in the background.

Plaza de la Iglesia del San Juan Bautista

We again had no luck finding a restaurant or bar offering any kind of food, so we had to settle for some prepared sandwiches offered by a small grocery store. We retired to our room, ate and called it a day.

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