Day 6 – Villava to Pamplona

Walked: Today 3.1mi /Camino 2022: 38.9 mi

As planned, today was an easy walk, mostly flat, all sidewalks, thru several Pamplona suburbs to the Maisonave Hotel, our base six days ago.

We have been building up our stamina and strength the past week as we successfully took on the challenges of the first three stages of the Camino Frances, sans backpacks, as part of our paced approach. Today, we both carried our full backpacks for the short walk to provide a little extra body building push.

In 2019, Linda transported her backpack (18lbs) most every day, while carrying “essential” items and water in a Camelback daypack. Jim felt more secure continuing to walk with his full backpack (26lbs including 4 lbs H2O). In 2022, until today, we both have been transporting our packs and wearing only the camelback day/hydration packs during our walks. Our plan in 2022 will be to transport Linda’s backpack daily and Jim’s also daily, for now. The additional cost is 5€ per pack/per day… but well worth it.

It’s easy to get lost while walking the Camino through cities and towns. Pamplona does an excellent job of helping pilgrims stay on track.
…getting close to the Magdalena Bridge and the Camino de Santiago entrance into the old city… (as the gentleman walking ahead of Linda passed us, he excitedly explained that he had also walked all the way to Santiago some years ago and wished us “Buen Camino”)

We walked over the 12th century Magdalena Bridge, circled the huge walls of the fortress, crossed the drawbridge and entered the city gate into the old city, stopping at the Santa Maria de las Asunción Cathedral to get our pilgrim credential stamped.

Linda crossing the Rio Arga via the Magdalena Bridge
…circling the massive fortress walls…
… climbing up the path of the Camino Frances entrance into the old city..
…over the drawbridge…
… entering through la Puerta Frances (the French Gate)…
…and into old Pamplona.
Pamplona Cathedral

We then walked another 500 meters to the Hotel Maisonave , our home for the night.

Tonight’s our last night in Pamplona for Camino 2022. We’ve spent a lot of time here since 2012. It has added so many positive experiences to our Camino’s and has become a place in which we feel very comfortable. Hopefully, we’ll find our way back here again.

2 thoughts on “Day 6 – Villava to Pamplona”

    1. Not this one. The one you painted is a much smaller and narrower Roman footbridge, probably a thousand years older than the one in Pamplona. The one you painted is on the Camino in Galicia over a small stream as you leave Sarria…. some 60 miles east of Santiago.

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