Day 47 – Triacastela to Pintin

Walked today: 6.7 miles

Walked Camino 2019: 338.0 miles

We stopped for breakfast before leaving Triacastela this morning since there are no services along our walk today.

We were careful not to miss the split for the alternate Camino route out of Triacastela

subtle marker and sign marking alternate route

which cuts the distance by 4 miles!! and avoids a long section of walking along a relatively busy main road.

All was well as we started as the incline was gradual, good walking surface and no cars.

The road got smaller and after the bridge began to climb upward

The road became steeper and smaller as we walked through the a small hamlet as the road disappeared and became a steep path

actually a very steep path…

As we climbed higher, and the path got steeper, next came our favorite walking surface, rocks!

Ok, so it became a bit of a struggle until we reached a section with a little less slope as we stopped to rest at a big shell and water source for thirsty pilgrims.

The path became a road again, but very steep…

..,until we finally walked into San Xil, with a building or two and not much else. The road actually leveled out a bit with much more gradual ups and downs. But we then realized we were now walking at an elevation of nearly 3000 ft !!!… we had climbed over 800 ft since leaving Triacastela.

Because of the elevation we began to see the resulting scenery.

Up above the clouds again

nice view of mountains we came from yesterday

But we soon could see that it was cloudy and foggy below us.

And it wasn’t long before we headed back down again.

the Camino veered off the road onto this downward path

The incline became very steep quickly and continued that way for what seemed like forever.

down and
down and

until we reached a possible bottom at this small iglesia

Soon after walking through the village of Monton the “bottom” was confirmed as we now were walking in the low hanging clouds we observed from above.

No more scenery now, but the path and bulls

and more path switching from one side of the local road to the other

walking in the cool fog is better than the sun

nearing our destination

On our way into Pintin, we walked by some handsome cows and Jim commented ” will you look at those beef cheeks!”

“look at those beef cheeks”

We followed the markers through town and arrived at Casa Cines, our destination for today.

Casa Cines

We were able to checkin to our room a few minutes after we arrived. We were warmly greeted by the young lady who checked us in and who said she remembered Linda’s face from 2015 and 2017!

We set out doing chores before having lunch.

Jim showered first, then Linda got undressed for her shower and Jim took her clothes and his and put them in the hotel washing machine. Jim then went to retrieve Linda’s backpack from the transported bags in the lobby. Unfortunately, Linda’s pack had not arrived, so when she got out of the shower, she had nothing to put on. After waiting another half hour for the pack, we were getting hungry, so Jim went down to the bar and asked if we could have lunch in our room, since Linda couldn’t come down to the dining room in her present state. The young lady who had recognized her, laughed and said “no problemo” and began preparing and then delivered our orders of spaghetti to our room. Less than 5 minutes later, the young lady knocked on our door, this time with Linda’s pack and a smile.

The rest of the afternoon and evening continued to go well without any other surprises.

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