Day 43 – Villafranca to Trabadelo

Walked today: 5.6 miles

Walked Camino 2019: 311.0 miles

We walked out of our hotel just before sunrise on a road that worked its way through a gap in the mountains surrounding Villafranca.

A few minutes later we looked back toward Villafranca into another beautiful sunrise.

We continued to wind through the Valcarce Río valley, sharing our paved walkway with the winding national highway and the occasional overpasses of the A6 autovia. We seldom were distracted by road traffic because there was little of it. We also got an occasional glimpse of the Valcarce Río, among the thick green trees and undergrowth below us on the left.

We stopped in the hamlet of Perejé (pop. 39) for breakfast.

outside of Las Coronas in Perejé

We are nearly always pleasantly surprised whenever we enter these diamond-in-the-rough small businesses along the Camino, 

inside of Las Coronas Bar & Albergue

that cater almost exclusively to pilgrims.

We rejoined the crash-barrier walkway along the highway to Trabadelo.

just before Trabadelo

We left the main road and began walking on a paved surface into Trabadelo passing several stacks of aging logs and more cut lumber either aging or awaiting pickup for places unknown and finally we walked by the lumber mill.

small scale Spanish trucks to handle and transport logs

We remember walking by this mill in 2017 and thinking of Timothy as we did again today.

Our hostal was located on the Rió Valcarce just across from the mill. We have a perfect view of the opposite side of the mill from our room balcony.

Our room is very nice with a huge, modern shower… and a baby bed!!! (which thankfully we won’t need)

all for 50€.

After checking in, completing our chores and making a couple of reservations, we had a delicious lunch in the hotel dining room.

Linda’s soup was a very flavorful broth and noodles and Jim’s was Caldo Gallego (white beans, turnips, potatoes, collards, ham, pork, choriso)

Our main course was potatoes, roasted peppers and Carrilleras (beef cheeks marinated in red wine sauce) which was delicious and literally melted in your mouth.

For dessert… … we had natillas (custard) which was also very tasty all complimented by a Bierzo Mencía red wine.

Having satisfied our appetites and completed our chores for the day, we retired to our comfortable room for reading and blogging until the end of another wonderful day on Camino 2019.

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