It’s time for another Camino (2023)

Last November, while soaking up the Caribbean sun, we decided we’d like to do another Camino. Yes, we had just finished Camino 2022 in October, our 8th, since 2012 … but the operative question was when. We looked at each other, realizing that as seasoned septuagenarians, we needed to decide sooner rather than later.

We had already made reservations to spend September 2023 in Provence France (Vaison la Romaine) during the wine harvest. So, we began our planning around that trip and in tandem to avoid the cost of two European flights.

We also had booked trips to our favorite island for May/June and Oct/Nov, so that left July and August for the Camino. July and August are the peak months for Camino traffic, so we began making reservations for places to stay and transportation in January and completed the final bookings the last day of April.

Being seasoned “pilgrims”, we know what we need to take and since it will have to fit in our backpacks, we have already gathered most of our stuff and set it aside. For simplicity, this will also include a few additional items for our month in France after the Camino.

We’re leaving for our beach trip next week and will wait until we return in late June to finalize loading our backpacks and beginning Camino 2023 in early July.

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