We walked up to the old city to photograph the Catedral. Every time we have been here before the Cathedral has been under some sort of repair both inside and out. Today it was at its finest and the Saturday crowds were taking it all in.

Below are some photographic highlights of what we saw:

That’s us in the Obradorio Praza with you know what behind us.
The Platerias (silversmiths) facade and the Tower of the Clock (east door)
North Door
Obradorio facade and Portico of Glory
the line for access to the Crypt of St James
the altar from the back of cathedral
A Cathedral service kept us from getting any closer to the altar… zoom in to see three versions of St James: Santiago Matamoros (Moor-Slayer), Santiago Peregrino and Santiago Apóstol.
The cathedral was started in 1075 and finished in 1211 in a Romanesque style.
Baroque adornments were added to the altar in the 1700’s along with other both interior and exterior additions.
half of the magnificent organ
Santiago Apóstol (a little fuzzy with iPhone11 9x zoom)

We’re enjoying our Camino decompression, but also looking forward to returning home.

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