Day 50- Salceda to O Pedrouzo

Walked Today: 6.0 mi /Camino2022: 338mi

On our way out this morning we caught Santiago in the breakfast area and wished he and his family good health. He opened his arms and gave Linda a big, emotional hug. As he shook Jim’s hand, with both of his, he wished us and our families good luck and good health. It was a wonderful way to start out the day.

We took the short cut Santiago showed us in 2015 and dove-tailed into the Camino a half-mile later. The scenery today was much like what we have seen the past few days:

Along the way we did spot some different items:

First time we’ve ever seen something inside a Hórreo… and this one is being loaded up with corn for the winter.
Another first, for us: yellow and white hydrangeas along a wall of a nice home.
We both dislike spiders but like to photograph spider webs! Jim spotted this one just before leaving the forest,
walking out of the forest and onto the path leading into O Pedrouzo… pilgrim tour bus in the background.
Just as we were walking into O Pedrouzo , we observed a bunch of “pilgrims” who just got off a bus associated with Regency Cruises called, laughingly, “Following the old James road”!
Walking into O Pedrouzo… tour bus just dropped off pilgrims and waiting to pick them up further down the Camino. At this point pilgrims are only 12 miles from Santiago.

We’re staying at Pencion CHE. It’s located outside of O Pedrouzo and so we checked at the Pensíon Platas in town. The lady at reception suggested we get lunch in town, then return, and they would arrange for transportation to CHE… which we did and they did. While we were in town we stopped at a small mercado for some snacks and then Jim stopped at a feed store and bought some Padron pepper seeds to try to grow back home.

We then checked in at the property and our packs were delivered just as Jim paid for the room. We then took a tour of the property to get our bearings for finding the Camino in the morning, etc.

We stayed here in 2019 as it was opening and it is about the same… somewhat remote, hard to find or get directions to and missing a few things like a full menu and nearby food options, but the room is comfortable and clean and it has laundry options and a pool (nice if here in warm weather).

… nice pool but too cool to indulge today
… our double room with bath in Pension CHE.


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