Day 2 – SJPDP to La Virge de Orisson (Baikorri)

Walked today: 7.9 miles

Walked Camino 2019: 15.2 miles

When we left SJPDP at 7:20 this morning it was cloudy and a cool 60 degrees.

Porte d’Espagne

We began the Camino Frances by passing through the Porte d’Espagne followed by an immediate test up a very steep road through a residential area even before we left the village!

The small, paved road became a more gradual ascent for the next mile or so as picturesque farmland surrounded us and we began a steep climb up into the Pyrennes Mountains.

We’ll chronicle our walk mostly with photos in an attempt to demonstrate what we experienced this morning.

The road begins a steep ascent

From Steep road to steeper pasture
A selfie pause along the steep path
From steep path, back onto steep road
Linda’s favorite rock, 2012, 2017 and again 2019
Beautiful day to enjoy the scenery
Basque horses somehow grazing on the “hillside”
Refuge Orisson, finally, 2.5 hr climb, 3000 ft climb
Bar and dining area at Orisson Refuge/Alberge
Leaving Orisson in fog at 11:30
Fog lifted on way to Virge
Scenery gets better, higher & higher
Fog and drizzle for the 2+ mile walk to Virge
Healthy looking cows and calves on top of the world
walk from Orisson to Virge much easier
Sheep seem much at home at over 3000 feet and extreme pastureland
Relief from steep inclines were short-lived
Coming up on the Virge de Baikorri
Scenery surrounding the Virge when fog lifts
Virge de Orisson or Baikorri

We arrived at the Virge de Baikorri at 1:00 and soon after our taxi arrived and took us back to SJPDP to recoup and spend the night.

An incredible “hike” part-way up the Pyrennes.

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