Why do the Camino again?

This is a frequent question asked by folks who hear this is not our first time.  They might add, why not hike somewhere else… that is longer, tougher, nearby, that has better, different scenery, etc.

We’ve discovered that a Camino in our future, is good for our health because the obvious physical strength and stamina challenge motivates our daily eating and exercising habits. 

But the simple answer is it’s a location thing, “ You have to be there to understand”.

Have you ever been somewhere that you wanted to return?  Is there a favorite vacation spot that you look forward to year after year?  Do you enjoy sampling local cuisine? Have you ever been to a place or had personal, positive experience that was physically challenging or peaceful or energizing or relaxing or meditative or healing or renewing or supportive or socially interactive or emotionally stimulating or introspective or refreshingly simplistic?

Well, for us, the Camino is all these things… and that’s why it keeps calling us back and why we are answering its call once more.

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