Day 27- Burgos to Tardajos

  • Distance today:                  6.4 mi
  • Distance Camino 2017:   193.7 mi

Just before sunrise, after snapping one more photo of the Burgos Catedral, we rejoined the Camino right outside our hotel.

It took us nearly an hour and over 2 miles to get to the outskirts of Burgos and begin walking on a dirt path again.

The next couple of miles, we followed a winding path through recently mowed grain fields before crossing over major highways and then along them until eventually working our way back along a two lane (N-120) highway until entering the small town of Tardajos (pop. 856).

Having walked for 6 plus miles with no places to stop, we crashed at the first bar we saw in Tardajos and had breakfast.

We had a nice conversation with a German lady and her 12 year old son. We had hop-scotched with them most of the morning. They had started in SJPDP three weeks ago and had to return home to Munich on Monday as her son’s soccer practice was starting.

We parted after breakfast, they walking on to Hornillos del Camino planning to stop there for the day and we to albergue Casa de Beli (45€) here in Tradajos.

We waited in the albergue cafeteria until our room was ready at 11:30. It’s apparently a new albergue and our room is a good size with two twin beds, two arm chairs, beautiful hardwood floors and a full bath that’s bright and spacious.

Jim used the albergue’s washing machine to get all our clothes nice and clean after being hand-washed for the past 8 days and then hung them out to dry in the garden area of the albergue. The warm, wind had them fresh and bone dry in less than an hour.

We had lunch at the albergue’s bar, a delicious ensalada mixta. This fresh “mixed salad” included lettuce, hard boiled eggs, olives, corn, shredded carrots, white asparagus, tomatoes and tuna accompanied with freshly baked bread.

The remainder of the day we just relaxed, read, worked on blog, made reservations for the next two nights and had a simple pilgrim’s dinner in the hotel bar. An easy day following our busy day in Burgos.


If you haven’t already discovered it, at the top of our blog page is a menu and one menu item is “map”.  This is a google map that lets you track our path across Spain and even get an idea of the terrain, etc.  We try to keep this current as time and wifi permits. Hope you enjoy.

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