Day 22- Grañon to Belorado

  • Distance today:                       10.5mi
  • Distance Camino 2017:      154.3 mi

After leaving Grañon this morning

we passed through three nearly equally spaced villages: Redecilla (pop.137), where we stopped for breakfast, Viloria de la Rioja (pop.50),

the village where Santo Domingo de la Calzada was born and Villamayor del Rio (pop.53), known as “the place of three lies”.

Instead of being as it’s name implies, the large town on a river, it is actually a small hamlet on a creek!

Grañon to Belorado is a little more than 10 miles via the Camino.

It’s mostly a dirt path along long straight stretches of a two lane highway and pavement into and out of the towns and villages. We walked on rolling hills and were surrounded by recently mowed wheat fields and occasional fields of not-yet-harvested sunflowers.

Today, shortly before entering the village of Redecilla, we left the region of Rioja and entered Castillo & Leon, the largest region in Spain and it encompasses the next 400 km (250 miles) of the Camino.

We made another stop, just after entering the Belorado town limits for some refreshment and to let our feet cool.

We’ve had a nice relaxing afternoon, recovering from our longer walk today. Other than doing our routine chores, our only activity was to walk about 20 steps to take a look at church with 4 huge stork nests in its belfry.

At about 6:00, we walked a few blocks from our hotel to the town square and after some serious searching, found a restaurant that served something beside pintxos before 8:00.

Our tummies full we returned to our hotel for the evening.

Belorado’s fiesta is not for another week or so, consequently  things have been quiet, for a welcomed change of pace.

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