Day 18- Navarrete to Ventosa

  • Distance today:                     5.5 mi
  • Distance Camino 2017:   119.2 mi

Today’s walk was relatively short and mostly unremarkable, by design, as our main objective was to stay in Ventosa at the Hotel Rural Las Aquedas, a significant highlight of our previous Camino.

Furthermore, the normal stopping points available for the 45 miles after Logroño would require 4 or 5 days in a row of walking 10 miles. By staying last night in Navarrete and tonight in Ventosa, our mileage from Logroño for the next several days will be: 8, 5, 6, 9, 7, 10… resulting in an extra overnight but hopefully much easier on our feet and bodies.

Las Aquedas (63€) would be considered a very nice B&B in the U.S., so for us it seems like a bargain.  It is owned and run by Rocio Juesas Bonet, a gracious Spanish Señora. She welcomes you like an old friend into her beautifully decorated home, a converted 18th century bakery.

Our room (the same room we occupied in 2014) is spacious with a modern bathroom and separate vanity area, solid hardwood doors and trim, classic furniture, comfortable seating, a crystal chandelier over a king size bed, marble tiled floors and well placed windows that create natural cross ventilation eliminating the need for air conditioning even in the middle of August.

There is a common, functional living area for guests, suitable for reading, a game of cards or just enjoying the view of the surrounding mountains, valleys, vineyards and farmland.

Dinner guests are received in her green garden before being seated at her dining room table and served traditional and deliciously prepared Northern Spain foods, family style.

Because Las Aquedas is located on the Camino, the blend of Camino and non-Camino guests, potentially from anywhere in the world, makes for a unique, enriching dinner conversation and experience.

Tonight we were the only guests in the inn for dinner, but our culinary experience was still outstanding as well as our interaction with our hostess.

There is still a very special feeling about this place. Today was the most comfortable, restful day and evening so far on Camino 2017.  An unforgettable experience and memory.


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